About My Little Blog Space

I never know what to say when asked what my blog is about. I've seen my blog (formally known as Sherbet Blossom) listed under "craft blogs" and "mom blogs" and "design blogs" and "fashion blogs" and "cooking blogs." Just like me, this blog of mine can't really be categorized. I like to try my hand at everything. It's more fun that way.

But truly, this has been a wonderful place for me to find myself, find lifelong friends, and spew to the world the nonsense that runs around in my head. I took a LOOOONG break from the blog. Like...4 years. A lot has happened since them. Like...we have moved states! (Utah, you'll always be my first love) AND I've had two more babies. (Holy moly! 5 kids! What an adventure!!)

This blog may never be what it once was; I ain't got time for that! Kiddos are ruling the roust now! But, it will be a place for me to share some freebies, thoughts, and shop info when I see fit.

To see me more frequently, hop on over to instagram: @hannahcraner (personal) and @hannahcranerdesign (a little bit of everything). Hope to hear from you soon!